Tony Pullen

VP of Sales


Tony joined the Brandlive team as the first non-founder employee with 10 years of sales experience. Previous to working at Brandlive Tony led US sales for an interactive social media company called SocialAppsHQ. Prior to SocialAppsHQ, Tony led a successful sales team for DataSphere Technologies, an online advertising startup in Seattle that focused on localized content for small to medium sized businesses throughout the United States. Outside of the office, Tony enjoys walking the banks of rivers in Oregon in pursuit of steelhead and spending time with his wife and friends.

Something unique I bring to the table...

  • Skill - I have been asked this question a number of different ways in my adulthood and listened to co-workers, family and friends answer the same question many times. I have a family member that can pick up any musical instrument and play it with ease, a friend who can build something out of anything, a co-worker that can break dance (and does regularly). All of these traits are good in business as they all relate to performing or expressing oneself to others. What I bring to the table that is unique is the ability to walk into a room where many people are at odds, cranky or unsatisfied and leave it with everybody smiling and hugs all around. I have never been able to pin point how or why I am capable of such talent…but I am. This has helped me in my career many times as I am able to set the stage for open communication within an organization and then allow everyone (as a team) to execute and celebrate.
  • Personality - I love to celebrate.

Favorite Brandlive event

KUIU - Mountain Star Tent. Lately, I have really enjoyed watching KUIU's Brandlive events.  Especially this one where they are launching a new line of tents. Jason Hariston, the owner of KUIU is really engaged with his audience from all aspects of his business and it really shows during his Brandlive events. In this particular event Jason and Shaun go out in the field to test the tent as it sits feet away from an airboat to show the audience how well it withstands max windage. It's one event worth watching!

Favorite thing about Portland

Portland is a great city for runners, cyclists, foodies, and beer snobs, but the real reason I love living and working in Portland, Oregon is the opportunities that await you just outside the city limits. Nearby forests are great for hiking and single track mountain biking, surrounding rivers and lakes host some of the best fishing environments in the Nation, and we are an hour and a half in one direction to the ocean and skiing on Mt. Hood in the opposite direction.

Favorite global destination

Personally, I have travelled to 42 States in the U.S. by car and have seen some amazing sites, from Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Wildlife in Yosemite and the concrete city of New York but haven’t spent much time outside of the U.S. aside from my honeymoon in Italy which I would go back any chance I get with my wife Courtney. If I had to choose a place to go that I have never been, I would go fly fish the flats on Kiritimati (Christmas) Island south of Honolulu.