Scott Harrah



Scott brings 15 years of experience developing and designing Internet solutions for leading brands worldwide. Having evolved with the tech landscape as a contractor working with a variety of technologies and brand marketing trends, Scott assisted in the inception of Brandlive and joins the Brandlive team to help drive innovation and evolution for how brands connect with their audiences. Outside of tech, Scott makes time to dabble in guitar and home improvement projects, but mostly enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife and two sons.

Something unique I bring to the table...

  • Skill - As far as work skills, it's all things tech. From meditating on strategy to fighting through development to executing production. Kind of like a ninja, but more nerdy.
  • Personality - As for my personality, I'm interested in learning a little about as much as I can, but prioritize focusing my energy on what's most important. That means I'm decent at skiing and ok at playing the guitar and less good at surfing, but I'm always striving to be the best at being a dad and a husband and a friend and a CTO.

Favorite Brandlive event

Pottery Barn Summer Cocktails. This was an all around solid production. The page design, the presenter's personalities, the audience interaction, and the products all fit together to promote the brand in a fun and inviting way.

Favorite thing about Portland

The Brandlive train is a unique space with a layout that lends to just the right balance of interactivity and privacy. Portland offers so many opportunities for people's various interests, whether they be "weird" or mainstream, to thrive. For me, that means being close to the beach and the mountains and the rivers and the trails. It means hundreds of microbreweries. It means the Blazers and the Beavers. And it means countless family-friendly activities to engage in.

Favorite global destination

Right now I'm in the mode of wanting to go places I've never been. But if I had to pick a favorite place to go back to, it would be southeast France / northwest Italy. It may very well have more to do with where I was in life than the actual location, but thinking of being there evokes feelings of youth, freedom, and romance. All good things.