Josh Cox

Director of Sales


Josh brings a unique blend of marketing, sales, and technology and a passion for innovative startups. He specializes in communicating complex processes, technology, and concepts to people with various experience and levels of understanding. Josh holds a B.S. in Business and Leadership from Marylhurst University, with a focus in Marketing and Communications. Active in non-profit organizations, he has held Director and President roles for organizations like Teamworks International and Rotary, and he is the creator of ongoing Rotary program Panhandling for Polio. He enjoys travel (current favorites being Egypt and India), cooking, the robust Portland food and music scene, and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Something unique I bring to the table...

  • Skill - The last 10 years of an eclectic career and hobbies seem to have resulted in a fun mix of sales, marketing, and technology experience. I’ve become good at understanding and communicating technology across departments and applying technical solutions to real sales and marketing situations, for colleagues and customers alike.
  • Personality - When I find free time, I enjoy the typical Portland things – happy hour, the outdoors, and dancing in the rain – as well as fixing motorcycles and voice acting on the side.

Favorite thing about Portland

I grew up in Portland and have watched it really take on it’s current identity in what seems like the last ten years. It's been really fun to watch, and now working with this group of people at Brandlive, especially in a very unique office, has really made me feel like a new part of it. As for Portland, where else can you be less that two hours away from everything - beach, mountain, desert, and amazing forests? I love the food and drink scene, not because of quantity, but for the creativity that really makes us stand out in yet another way.

Favorite global destination

I think I face a problem common to many travelers: it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love India for the food and some of the most hospitable, wonderful people in the world. Talking with the people in Egypt was some of the most fun I’ve had abroad, but Guatemala is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen. The question is never what’s my favorite; it’s “what’s next?"


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