Andy Bown

SVP of Sales


Andy joins the Brandlive team with 21 years of high-level sales and marketing experience. Most recently Andy was the Vice President of Sales at Needle, Inc., a technology and service platform specializing in live chat and customer engagement strategies that allow businesses to recruit and enable their best advocates to directly engage with online visitors. Prior to Needle, Andy successfully directed sales for (now Experticity), an online company using product education and incentive programs to build expertise and brand advocacy in both sales associates and industry professionals. Andy holds a B.S. in Business Communications and a minor in Sociology from the University of Utah, and has a penchant towards tacos and sushi. He has excelled in numerous sports and now enjoys racing endurance horses, mountain biking, skate skiing, and most of all traveling and spending time with his family.

Something unique I bring to the table...

  • Skill - I care about people and bring a lot of passion and excitement to everything I do.
  • Personality - I love to explore...Endurance Horse Racing, Mt. Biking, Skate Skiing, Running. My body and mind are best when I'm on the go!

Favorite Brandlive event

Easy Care - Ernest Woodward Easy Shoe. EasyCare customers love the "hands on" education from true experts!

Favorite thing about Portland

Energizing place that bubbles with interesting people and fantastic food and drink...I love seeing the horse tie-up rings that remain around the city (remnants of the Wild West) and appreciate that Portland is one of the few destinations outside of France where you can still take your dog into a pub. The fact that our office is a train, is well...just perfect!

Favorite global destination

After traveling to and enjoying many destinations and cultures around the globe, I've learned to appreciate, and explore regularly, my own backyard. For me, It's not as much where I'm at as it is who I'm with and what I'm doing that counts.