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March 1, 2019: The Day Video Overtakes Email

Guest contributed post by Fritz Brumder, CEO of Brandlive.

In push for more live video, Twitter officially announces the Producer API

Twitter just announced the release of the Periscope Producer API, a new tool for live video targeting larger media publishers and broadcasters, of which Brandlive is proud to be an official partner.

Twitter releases Periscope Producer API, a new form of high-quality video

"The intersection of social interaction, video and commerce is on everyone's top priority list these days," Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder said in a statement.

Twitter Is Opening Up Live Video to Take on Facebook

Twitter just released its Periscope Producer API, a new tool for live video aimed at larger media publishers and broadcasters. Brandlive is proud to be an official partner and one of the first companies with access.

Twitter is following Facebook by opening up its live video platform

"This move by Twitter makes live video even more attractive to the world's best brands," Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder said in a statement to Business Insider.

Twitter, Periscope make it easier to stream TV-quality live broadcasts

The Periscope Producer API makes the live-streaming process “much more standard for media and video production companies. It’s basically the exact same workflow used for any other live video production,” said Fritz Brumder, CEO of Brandlive.

AI and Video Marketing: It's Not Just for the Major Brands

Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder shares how artificial intelligence will affect video in the future.

Can TV Help Facebook Grow Up Without Losing Itself?

Facebook is moving into the TV space - will this hurt their core business?

Brandlive and Roker Media to Present the “Live Video Playbook”

Live video event on February 21 covers the ins-and-outs of creating a successful live broadcast.

Will Snickers’ Live Super Bowl Spot Score One for Real-Time Marketing?

Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder shares his two cents on real time marketing during this year's Super Bowl.

After a most lively year, where does live video go in 2017?

Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder shares his predictions on the tools and innovations we should expect to see in 2017.

FOMO No Mo’: How CES' Use of Live Video Evolves The Market

Brandlive CEO Fritz Brumder discusses the CTA's live strategy at CES 2017.

SIA Goes LIVE for Snow Show

Industry + Intelligence at the SIA Snow Show powered by Brandlive

Here or There: Connect With CES 2017 No Matter Where You Are

The CTA has partnered with Brandlive to livestream events from CES 2017.

What Brands Can Learn from Going LIVE for the Holidays: Moving Beyond Just a Trend to a Tentpole

Brandlive's CEO Fritz Brumder shares reasons why top brands are choosing to go live this holiday season and beyond.

Live streaming video: Getting tactical

Live streaming video experts, including Brandlive's CEO, share their tips for going live.

Best Marketing Uses for Live Streaming Video

Many brand marketers are testing the waters of live streaming video. Here are some key marketing ideas to consider when thinking about live video for your own marketing purposes.

Hydro Flask Featured at 2016 Brandlive Customer Summit

Brandlive premiered the Alchemy Club web series with a documentary on the explosive growth of Hydro Flask.

Robb Report, Patek Philippe team for rare horology experience via livestream

Lifestyle publication Robb Report is delving into readers’ passion points with the introduction of an online broadcast series presented in real time via Brandlive.

Brandlive and Outdoor Industry Association to Stream Live Events and Education from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market

"Brandlive is the logical choice for our live streaming video, not only because of the unique feature set of their platform. It’s easy to register and almost be at the event.”

The Growing Relevance of Live Streaming Video for Marketers

Consumer product brands and retailers are incorporating live streaming videos into their businesses in ways that span the entire go-to-market process.

Six Things Marketers Should Consider Before Launching Live Video

Live video is a growing low-cost medium for brands to engage with consumers. With high potential payoff and a low bar to entry, experts say it’s worth a try.

Brandlive raises $3.2 million, led by Smarsh's Stephen Marsh

Video marketing startup Brandlive said Friday it has raised $3.2 million in an investment round led by Stephen Marsh, the founder and chief executive of Portland digital archivist Smarsh. He's the latest Oregon entrepreneur to put some of his own capital back into the regional startup scene.

Brandlive raises $3.2M for interactive e-commerce video streaming platform

Portland-based startup Brandlive just raised a $3.2 million funding round to help fuel growth of its e-commerce live video streaming platform. Archivist Capital — a firm founded by Portland software executive Stephen Marsh — led the round, which also included participation from existing investors like Oregon Angel Fund. Total funding to date for the 6-year-old company is $4.8 million.

Brandlive lands $3.2M and a well-known Portland entrepreneur as an investor

Online live video platform Brandlive secured $3.2 million from investors to bolster its marketing and sales efforts as the company moves into three new customer markets.

Outtech Inc. Partners with Brandlive

Brandlive, the leading web-based platform for enterprise-class branded live video, announced a partnership with Outtech, Inc., one of the outdoor industry's leaders in sales and marketing with a portfolio of category-leading brands.

Is Google Finally Catching Up On Live Streaming?

According to a research report by Brandlive, nearly 80% of U.S. retail executives stated that producing live streaming video events helps them create more authentic interaction with audiences. Now reports suggest that Google is jumping on board.

How Live Streaming Video Events Can Benefit Retailers

Digital video can be effective for advertising as well as marketing. Nearly eight in 10 US retail executives say producing live streaming video events helps them create more authentic interaction with audiences, according to January 2016 research from Brandlive.

Live Streaming vs. Video on Demand: Why Brands Need to Consider Both

Live streaming video is growing in popularity. Is this a trend that’s bound to be a staple in future digital marketing strategies?

The power of live video

Find out why brands like GoPro, Doritos and Target are experimenting with live video messaging.

Top 5 Perceived Benefits of Live Streaming Video Events

Communication and authenticity appear to be at the heart of live streaming video’s potential benefits to companies, per a report from Brandlive.

Study: 44% of brands used live video last year

A number of innovative consumer product brands and retailers see live streaming as the next potentially important digital communication channel.

Live Streaming Video Survey Finds 44% Of Brands Have Produced Live Video and 20% Plan To

A new survey by Brandlive, Inc. aims to set an industry benchmark for live video content.

9 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Livestreaming is becoming a popular tool for brands. Livestreaming marketing vendor Brandlive surveyed 200 executives from retail and consumer goods brands and found 44 percent of their businesses ran a livestreaming event last year.

Report: Executives Believe Livestreaming Fosters Authentic Brand Engagement

Social livestreaming really went mainstream in 2015. Brandlive, an interactive livestreaming software company, interviewed 200 executives from consumer product and retail brands to understand how they plan to integrate livestreaming into their business strategies.

Over Half of Execs See Live Video Streaming as Important in 2016

This year is going to be a big one for live video streaming as part of the marketing mix. That information comes from a report just released by Brandlive, a cloud-based live video platform. Brandlive surveyed over 200 executives this winter, and found they were extremely positive about the power of live video.

How Data From Real-Time Streaming Video Fuels Media Campaigns

Live-streaming video provides a way to interact with consumers in real time and use that data to fuel other types of media campaigns.

Ace Hardware schools retailers on new products with online video

Ace Hardware uses Brandlive's live interactive video platform to educate personnel at more than 4,800 Ace stores across dozens of countries.

Shop this! Brandlive promises sales calls from the comfort of your couch

Internet companies are usually happy to solve one problem with their first product. Brandlive has solved three, offering live interactive video software for brands.

Go Rhino auto manufacturer drives sales to distributors with online presentations

With Brandlive, Go Rhino can explain its complicated products to large groups of sales reps and collect their contact information.

An automotive parts manufacturer brings distributors up to speed with online presentations

Go Rhino markets their products using Brandlive, an Internet-based, interactive video platform designed for marketing, training and e-commerce.

Why live, online video should be PR firms' next big land grab

PR is a fast-paced industry where it is easy to fall behind the curve. Live video may still be in its early adoption phase by brands and retailers, but for how long?

Portland’s top startup execs explain why they love building companies in the Rose City

Seattle and San Francisco may get all the attention when it comes to West Coast startup hubs, but the entrepreneurial activity in Portland has ramped up quite a bit in the last several years.

Deeper Social Integration Arrives for Brandlive

Brandlive has announced the general availability of its Advanced Social Integration module. The new module enables brands to combine live streaming video and product merchandising with interactions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Portland video branding experts show clients who's the (Cake) boss

Brandlive says the new Advanced Social Integration tool allows brands like Cake Boss to more easily fold video events onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Brandlive Nominated for Oregon Technology Company of the Year

Brandlive is one of three companies nominated by the Technology Association of Oregon for their 2015 Emerging Technology Company of the Year award.

5 Social Media Hacks to Boost Your Brand Starting Right Now

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are slowly moving toward the concept of eCommerce integration. Savvy brands have already found creative work-arounds that make it possible to hack social media sites to fuel their growth campaigns. With tools such as Brandlive, you can take advantage of the opportunity to leverage the power of video and your social media accounts.

How a Fishing-Gear Company Is Reeling In Customers With Its Live Streaming Videos

To make a direct connection to anglers, the company started “Loon Live,” a series of online broadcasts run through Portland, Ore.-based Brandlive, a product communication platform that displays video, links to social networks and offers a direct-to-consumer sales channel. Marketing the video sessions to fishing enthusiasts via its website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email blasts, the company offered expert sessions each week that covered a variety of tips and skills with a focus on Loon Outdoors’ fly-tying products.

20 Ideas Worth Stealing

Each year around this time, STORES magazine highlights the industry’s top “ideas worth stealing.” The crop for 2015 largely focuses on innovative ways to meet highly personalized consumer demands. From merging the store and e-commerces experiences to delivering on-the-spot goods and services, these retailers are helping redefine the art of buying and selling.

MasterCraft Boosts Shopper And Partner Engagement With Video

Consumers spend an average of 79 days gathering information before making a major purchase, according to GE Capital Retail Bank’s Major Purchase Shopper Study. To ensure shoppers are making the right decision, major purchase brands and retailers are encouraged to provide a plethora of tools and resources online, honing in on the features, capabilities and benefits of their products. MasterCraft boats found the answer with Brandlive.

Breathing Life Back into Your Omnichannel Strategy

Keeping consumers consistently engaged with both physical and online stores is especially important come holiday shopping season. That is why some innovative retailers are now turning to live interactive online video broadcasts to finally bridge this gap between these sales channels.

Nextpert: 3 tools help turn social media into sales

The shopping season has begun, and retailers are clamoring to entice consumers to purchase their wares over the competition. Luckily there are tools retailers can use that enable purchases via social media posts and boost conversion rates at a fraction of the cost.

5 Social Media Hacks Every Marketer Should Know

So many boundaries limit marketers and their social media goals. No GIFs on Facebook. No buy buttons on Pinterest. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative workarounds.

An Evening with Buddy Valastro, the Real-Life Willy Wonka

From the outside, the enormous building at 629 Grove Street in Jersey City could be any old warehouse. Surrounded by loading docks and with few windows, it barely stands out among its industrial neighbors. Yet when you walk through its doors and the sweet smell of baking cakes fills you up until you can almost taste the buttercream frosting, you suddenly realize exactly where you are.

TLC's Cake Boss To Host Interactive Live-Streamed Holiday Cooking Show

Working with Brandlive, on October 22 TLC’s Cake Boss will host an interactive live streamed broadcast featuring Buddy Valastro who will answer viewer questions, offer holiday baking tips and give away prizes. The broadcast, Holiday Baking Live with Cake Boss, will be live streamed from the Cake Boss baking facility in New Jersey. Valastro will be joined by his daughter, Sofia, and Gabrielle Parisi from Carlo’s Bakery.

TLC'S Cake Boss Star Demonstrates Holiday Baking

Buddy Valastro, star of TLC's hit TV series, Cake Boss, teams up with his talented 11-year old daughter, Sofia Valastro, and Carlo's Bakery lead decorator, Gabrielle Parisi, in co-hosting Holiday Baking Live with Cake Boss™, an interactive baking demonstration that will be broadcasted live from Buddy's expansive Cake Boss baking facility in Lackawanna, New Jersey.

Why Brands Need Video

Although original branded video content can be an extremely effective marketing tool, the majority of brands still aren't using it to engage consumers.

How Adidas, REI and eBay are guiding Portland's Brandlive

Portland startup Brandlive has always listened closely to its customers and now the young company is taking that practice to a new level. The company — which helps brands integrate live video with social media streams — created a formal customer advisory board and last week held its first of what will become annual meetings.

The 9 New Realities of Direct Response

Late-night yell-and-sell pitches have given way to sophisticated, multichannel, ROI-centric campaigns.

New Balance Connects Online and Offline Sales With Live Interactive Video

Through a partnership with real-time product communication platform Brandlive, New Balance is looking to convert interested online consumers into offline, in-store buyers.

Brandlive lands New Balance as latest client

Real-time broadcasting and commerce company Brandlive announced that it would be partnering with New Balance for a four-day campaign to debut additions to the shoe company’s 880 line.

New Balance Turns Brick-And-Mortar Stores Into Online Video Hubs

New Balance will launch mini red carpet events in 50 specialty running stores on Thursday to show off a video experience that helps launch the new 880v4 athletic running shoe.

Fast Forward Branding: Online Video Takes Consumer and Brand Interaction to New Heights

For decades, traditional advertising tools like print advertisements and product brochures dominated the way outdoor brands delivered their messages to consumers. Today, still photographs of products and the environments they are best suited for are being replaced with video.

The next revolution in online retailing

What if you could replicate the physical in-store experience on the web? The concept sounds incredibly powerful. Retailers could connect product experts with key audiences to demonstrate and sell physical products, just like in-store.

Google Fiber Could Accelerate ‘Bet Your Business’ Software in the Cloud

Noting that his company’s streaming video services require a lot of bandwidth, Fritz Bumder, CEO of Portland-based company Brandlive Inc. said he is “banking on high-speed Internet access” to decrease transmission latency and increase data speed.

TaylorMade's Live Product Video Seems Teed Up for Social

TaylorMade aims to see if product demonstration videos—long an online staple for golf marketers—can be socialized in a live capacity.

MasterCraft makes a new-boat splash via online video and live chat with dealers

As it vies with other boat manufacturers for the attention of its independent retail dealers, MasterCraft finds it helps to reach out to them via video and live chat.

By looking beyond Portland, hot start-up Brandlive builds out exec team

Any startup CEO in town will tell you the same thing: It’s hard to find talent.

There's No Place Like Home

One of the primary advantages of home shopping over other forms of direct response television is its sense of immediacy.

Rockwell Invests in Interactive Video To Create Brand Awareness

Rockwell has a long history of successfully selling its power tools through direct response television ads and home shopping networks.

Portland-­based Brandlive wins Oregon Entrepeneurs award

It says something when a company gets the check from investors and the “favorite” vote from the audience.

Portland Seed Fund alum Brandlive walks away with the OEN Angel Oregon win

The annual OEN Angel Oregon competition was held yesterday. A bunch of promising companies pitched to the crowd. But when the dust settled, it was one of the tech companies that walked away the winner, Brandlive.

Brandlive Wins Angel Oregon Competition

Brandlive won a $260,000 angel investment prize, and was the audience’s favorite among “Launch Stage” companies that presented today.

Let's Get Personal(ized)

When it comes to engaging in personalized consumer interactions, many online retailers can feel as lost as a hiker without a compass.

It’s like being able to walk into a shop in your PJs: Your BrandLive brings brick and mortar retail experiences to the Web

Fresh off a recent stint with the Portland Seed Fund, Your BrandLive has announced the release of the “first live video social commerce platform to create flash sales for leading online retailers.”

Web-fomercials Move Product for Ball Home Canning

TV infomercials can sell everything from hair pieces to knives, so the big question is, why has it taken so long for them to move online?

YourBrandlive Hopes It Has Refined the Home Shopping Channel for the Internet

Sometimes the idea of watching home shopping channels seems to be the kind of ordeal a creative judge would impose instead of straight jail time, but there’s no doubt the genre is a hit with some consumers and merchandisers, high-‐end and way below that.

Portland startup Your Brandlive infuses online retail with in-store interaction

Shopping has increasingly become an online experience, including the way in which retailers interact with consumers.

Startup Spotlight: Brandlive helps Internet retailers communicate with shoppers

Portland-based startup Your Brandlive formally launched today, announcing a new video social commerce platform designed to help make the retailer-customer relationship more personal.

Portland Seed Fund announces third class of startups -- including one from Iceland

The Portland Seed Fund announced its third class of startups tonight, choosing seven Portland companies and one from Iceland to receive $25,000 apiece in seed investment to help them get started.