TaylorMade started with a $24,000 loan in 1979 and now sells one of the most in-demand golf clubs on the market. The Brandlive platform empowers TaylorMade to broadcast live product launches, giving consumers an exclusive look at new clubs and the opportunity to buy them as soon as they’re available. Through Brandlive, TaylorMade can communicate important details about the craftsmanship and science behind their products to vendors and consumers alike. During their first Brandlive event, TaylorMade had:
  • 1,312 live audience members
  • 1,019 clicks to either purchase clubs or schedule a demo at a local golf shop
  • 908 viewer comments
We are really ramping up our digital strategy. We want to innovate, and we know live video can generate social traction. No golf brand has done interaction like this before and we’ll keep going as long as the questions come in.
Ryan LauderDirector of Digital Strategy, TaylorMade
Headquarters: Carlsbad, California
Year Founded: 1979
Signature Product: Golf Products
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TaylorMade uses the Brandlive platform to launch new products direct to consumers and to train their sales team on product updates.

Consumer Launch: SLDR S Driver Launch

TaylorMade’s first Brandlive event introduced the all-new SLDR S family of metalwoods to consumers. To communicate in a more authentic way, TaylorMade decided to broadcast live from their Tour Truck at the HP Byron Nelson Championship PGA Tour event in Irving, Texas instead of from an expensive studio. Hosting the event on-camera were two TaylorMade employees – the Vice President of Product Creation and a sales manager. The sales manager brought flair to the conversation, while the head of product creation told the product story and provided in-depth technical details about the products. Together the duo balanced each other to create an entertaining and informative experience.

As a result of the event, out of 1,312 live audience members, TaylorMade received 1,019 clicks to either purchase clubs or schedule a demo at a local golf shop. Viewers were engaged for an average of 17 minutes and submitted 908 comments and questions during the event.

Sales Team Training

TaylorMade uses Brandlive to connect with their nationwide sales team to learn about new products, using the interactive format to have a dialog between sales reps and to gather feedback on product development. When demonstrating the new features on the Spider series of putters, a roundtable of product developers engaged their sales network in a relaxed, social setting. By engaging directly with the product developers, Sales reps were able to see the technical updates and learn why changes were made, resulting in more effective training. As a one-to-many platform, all dealers across the country received the same messaging at the same time from a single product expert hosting the Brandlive event, so product information can be relayed from dealership to dealership with consistency.