Saga Outerwear

Saga Outerwear is a company that sells active apparel and gear. As a company that uses social media heavily to engage with their youthful demographic, they came to Brandlive as a way to complement their existing social media strategy and use it as a centralized platform to connect its other media outlets.
The ease of use with the Brandlive platform allows us to focus on our message and audience without worrying about the technology behind the events.
Jordan HarperChief Marketing Officer
Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year Founded: 2005
Signature Product: Winter outerwear for action sports
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Activating Social Followers

Saga Outerwear’s customer base is largely youth interested in activewear and action sports. Saga engages this niche by focusing on social media outreach and ensuring each social network is performing on all cylinders. However, having to work with each social network independently opens the possibility of losing potential engagement opportunities. Brandlive enables Saga to activate their social followers across networks by bringing them into one virtual place for a live event where fans have the ability to interact directly with their favorite skiers and snowboarders from Saga. In a typical broadcast, Saga will bring in fans from Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to Brandlive, offering a central place to chat without going through multiple channels.

Saga knows their customer base well, and capitalizes on this by crafting a strategy unique to the largely Millennialaudience. Rather than meticulously planning content for events in advance, they instead promote it only hours beforehand and have a very candid and casual broadcast with nothing specifically planned. The casual atmosphere creates an authentic environment for their fans to interact and provide real feedback without it feeling overly salesdriven.

Saga’s marketing is centered around the team of athletes who work at Saga because they are passionate about winter sports. During their downtime they are out hitting the slopes, making it clear to their fans that Saga apparel is created by those who develop the products for their own use. Many of Saga’s fans who come to Brandlive events have seen these athletes in snowboarding videos, and being able to have questions answered in real time by stars in their favorite hobby creates dedicated advocates who love to associate with and promote the brand in the winter sports community.