Rockwell Tools has long used television to market and sell its line of tools through infomercials and home shopping networks. Without interactivity, though, Rockwell couldn’t connect with its audience. They came to Brandlive in search of an innovative platform that would make their sales social. With Rockwell's first event, they gathered:
  • 1,110 unique viewers
  • 1,000 questions and comments
  • 120 unique orders online and by phone
Many customers wanted to see it for themselves. We wanted to show the customers how these blades and tools fit and then demonstrate them in a real-world application. We also wanted to provide customers with a discount. We could do all this through Brandlive.
Lauren GomezMarketing Manager
Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Year Founded: 1944
Signature Product: Sonicrafter, Jawhorse
About: Full range of home improvement tools.
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Jawhorse and Versacut demonstration

Rockwell Cyber Monday Flash Sale

Worx Air blows up a bouncy house.
Sonicrafter cuts through carpet.

Sonicrafter Universal Fit™ System

Rockwell Tools is known among home improvement enthusiasts and DIY-ers as endless innovators. They improve on familiar tools by adding features that make them safer and easier to use. To demonstrate and sell their unique products, Rockwell has long used infomercials and homeshopping channels. Television has its limitations, though: Rockwell couldn’t directly interact with customers  and gain feedback. To build on their success with direct response, they added Brandlive to the mix for product demonstration and direct sales via the Web.


Lauren Gomez, Rockwell Marketing Manager, came to Brandlive in search of an innovative platform that would make their sales social and focused on interactive communication. Using Brandlive, they’ve featured a number of their signature products and have held in-depth demonstrations. Unlike a product details page, they can show how their products work - making it appealing for both those new to home improvement and returning customers.

Positive Results from the Start

The first event focused on Rockwell’s Sonicrafter X2 with Universal Fit System, the first oscillating tool that fits with any brand of blades. Based on the limited promotion for the event, Gomez expected a few dozen people to show up - instead, the broadcast attracted 1,110 unique viewers, and gathered over 1,000 questions and comments. Most importantly, the first event garnered an 11% conversion rate - and it’s continued to climb since.