Nightforce chose Brandlive's live interactive video platform to launch the highly anticipated additions to their renowned ATACR line of rifle scopes. Instead of traditional options like pre-recorded videos, conference calls, or time-consuming individual contact by sales reps, their top product experts were able to visually explain new product differentiators and answer audience questions, in real time via the web.
  • Pre-ordered sales started 4 days before "preorder" event began
  • Declared "Best Product Launch Ever" from longstanding dealers
  • 18% of orders from first time customers
The results from each session yields immediate responses directly relating to the shared content. It is this valuable immediate customer interaction that we appreciate and measure -- and then turn into business.
Wayne DayberryMarketing Specialist
Headquarters: Lavonia, GA
Year Founded: 1992
Signature Product: Precision Riflescopes and Spotters
Goal: Create products that reliably perform under the harshest, most unforgiving conditions on Earth.
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FOUNDED IN 1992, Nightforce Optics strives to make the best riflescopes and spotters that reliably perform under the harshest, most unforgiving conditions on Earth. And they have the awards to back up that bold claim.

Learning from previous product releases, Nightforce realized they needed a better way to educate retail accounts with information direct from their product experts, in a way that was convenient, scalable, and fast.Most of all, they needed a way for all retail accounts to learn new product information at the same time without appearing to play favorites, but still have the personal touch of live demonstration and conversation that in-person visits provide. With such precision technical details, phone calls weren’t always good enough, and it wasn’t possible to communicate with all accounts in a timely manner.


Before the official public release Nightforce held a live, online first-hand look at the new scopes to educate and generate excitement for the product launch at Shot Show, the largest annual tradeshow for their industry. The Brandlive events were short and to the point, producing three 20-minute events in a single day. Two events were for the buyers, and the concluding broadcast was for all Nightforce employees to provide product knowledge transfer to the entire team.

Questions during the training received immediate visual answers, made possible by on-camera product experts. This is where email, phone, and brochures fall short.


From the nearly one hundred dealers that attended these sessions live, feedback came in the form of a large number of enthusiastic orders and resounding praise for the new training. After just the very first training session orders began pouring in by phone and email. During the following session, the trainers even made a point to remind people that Nightforce was not taking any orders until four days later.

Besides being one of the best product launches in the company's history, what does this mean for Nightforce’s future with Brandlive?


In their own words, Nightforce says,

“We are very pleased to have Brandlive as not only part of our communication and strategic marketing tools, but now one of our most valuable communication and marketing vehicles. They offer and maintian vlauable data - that we own - in the form of analytics for each and every session.

Brandlive is as close as you can get to having a built-in, at-the-ready ‘easy button’ for our customers.

I can easily report that Brandlive is considered extremely successful when measured by our Sales and Marketing team, as well as by our customers. We have received nothing but positive feedback and this service is truly an investment for our company.”