Levi’s is one of the strongest brands in the world, and have been successful largely because they are highly skilled at integrating internationally based staff. They have found that using Brandlive for global corporate meetings makes it easier to include remote staff members in the discussion. Using Brandlive helps to further this objective by creating a virtual meeting room for company wide presentations.
Our merchandise presentations on Brandlive are the best meetings we have ever had at Levi's.
Christine Nyman Retail Operations Manager
Headquarters: San Francisco, California
Year Founded: 1853
Signature Product: Denim
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Levi’s uses Brandlive to conduct seasonal merchandise meetings around the country with their key retail accounts to introduce new product lines, new features, and demonstrate the styling standards for clothing lines in stores.

Prior to using Brandlive, the cost of these events reached well into $100,000’s of dollars to host in-person merchandise meetings. Shipping sample product and flying required personnel was exorbitantly high, not to mention lodging, food, and other costs associated with hosting out of town groups.

An Innovative Solution

The Brandlive team came up with an innovative solution: send a small crew around the U.S. to regional Levi’s offices to create live events for the representatives from these offices to present the latest season. Using Brandlive as a way to keep live interaction while trimming costs, Levi’s is able to cut 90% of their training costs while maintaining an informative and interactive experience, resulting in cost savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Streamlined Training

Employees on both ends of the experience at Levi’s prefer this method, as it saves time and logistics planning while keeping the visual demonstration a top priority. By watching Levi’s reps from local offices around the country, they are able to connect directly with those planning the styling for retail stores, rather than just receive written instructions. They also benefit from a high level of retention and educational training by being able to directly ask the merchandiser questions about new trends. The result is a much more convenient and personalized experience with a streamlined and cost-effective process.