Brandlive Customers

Brands and retailers that use Brandlive for marketing, training, and ecommerce.

GoPro event example


One of the fastest growing camera companies in the U.S., GoPro is widely known for its state-of-the-art, wearable technology. To keep a spread out sales team up to speed on evolving products, using Brandlive for internal video communication has been the perfect solution for GoPro.
    "GoPro is constantly pushing technology innovation boundaries to enhance a customer’s experience. We needed a first-of-its kind interactive platform to help retailers worldwide experience and share-first hand product knowledge with their customer. Our products connect people together and Brandlive helps us to communicate that vision in a simple and cost-effective manner to lots of enthusiasts."
    Nick Stagge
    senior global training manager
    Levi's event example


    Levi’s is one of the most well-known denim brands in the world and relies on a large, international staff to keeps its engine running. Using Brandlive for global corporate meetings makes it easier for Levi’s to include remote staff members in virtual discussions and company-wide presentations.
    "Our merchandise presentations on Brandlive are the best meetings we have ever had at Levi's."
    Christine Nyman
    Retail Operations Manager
    TaylorMade event example


    TaylorMade sells one of the most in-demand golf clubs on the market. Through Brandlive, TaylorMade can communicate critical details regarding the craftsmanship and science behind their products to vendors and consumers.
      "We are really ramping up our digital strategy. We want to innovate, and we know live video can generate social traction. No golf brand has done interaction like this before and we’ll keep going as long as the questions come in."
      Ryan Lauder
      Director of Digital Strategy, TaylorMade
      Pottery Barn
      Pottery Barn event example

      Pottery Barn

      Pottery Barn is an industry leader in upscale home decor and stylish furnishings. The home goods chain uses Brandlive to showcase stunning retail showrooms, inviting viewers to recreate similar layouts and aesthetics at home.
        "We believe in providing the best multi-channel experience for our customer. By integrating live video, social interaction, product information and instant ecommerce, we can share content and product in a new dynamic format that only enhances our other digital channels."
        Cathy Nelson
        Creative eCom Director


        HealthSparq partners with more than 70 health plans, offering online tools to help over 74 million health plan members make smarter health care choices. HealthSparq approached Brandlive because it needed a way to host a conference meant for 2,500 people, in an event space that could only fit 150. By utilizing Brandlive’s live video capabilities and varied features, HealthSparq is able to extend its reach to a far wider audience without having to compromise during the planning of critical events.
        "The Brandlive team is great to work with. They are so responsive, get stuff done, answer all of our crazy questions, and seem to really care about our events."
        Burt Rosen
        VP of Marketing
        Ball® brand Canning Supplies
        Ball® brand Canning Supplies event example

        Ball® brand Canning Supplies

        The Ball Canning Supplies brand is an American institution of manufacturing canning goods, continuing to stay relevant by adapting new technology. Jarden Home Brands has used Brandlive for internal and public communications, new product promotions and seasonal events.
          "We are focused on continuing to use the Brandlive platform as a tool to help drive awareness and product education, which is a huge opportunity for us. Without fail after every single event, people are gushing with enthusiasm and appreciation that we have taken the time to personally reach out to them."
          Steve Hungsberg
          Senior Brand Manager, Fresh Preserving


          A brand that has become synonymous with slow cooking, Crock-Pot aimed to engage with past customers while introducing new customers to its products. This was achieved through highly interactive demonstration events, aiming to keep Crock-Pot products at top of mind for consumers.
            "Brandlive is a simple tool that allows us to easily interact with a lot of customers at one time. The results have been very impressive."
            Brandon LaBar
            Digital Marketing Manager
            Go Rhino
            Go Rhino event example

            Go Rhino

            A leading manufacturer of auto accessories, Go Rhino struggled to communicate product details to those in charge of Go Rhino sales and installations. Brandlive offers an engaging, efficient way to connect the company with vital members of its community, giving them the product information they need to effectively sell Go Rhino products.
            "It proved very effective. The whole power of the [Brandlive] platform is for people to ask questions and answer in real time and do it in a personalized way. It’s a tremendous time saver, and really made us think through our content stories and what we wanted to focus on. I think it’s by far and away the most feature rich solution for communicating complicated information to large groups of people."
            Peter Taylor
            General Manager
            KUIU event example


            An outdoor brand specializing in technical clothing and gear, KUIU is committed to building a superior product. For the launch of their new backpack, KUIU used Brandlive to connect with dedicated fans and new customers.
            "Working with Brandlive allowed us to use their excellent turnkey platform; we didn’t have to waste time and money figuring out how to leverage consumer streaming sites in ways they aren’t intended to be used. I couldn’t be more impressed with Brandlive’s commitment to helping their customers broadcast the kind of high-quality video that lives up to our brand’s similar high standards."
            Blaise Douros
            Videographer, Kuiu
            MasterCraft event example


            MasterCraft, the leading manufacturer for performance boats, needed a better way to communicate with dealers. Brandlive is able to provide an all-encompassing program for MasterCraft to communicate with dealers through training, marketing and commerce events.
            "Brandlive fits into our strategy so well because everything we do is visual. It’s very difficult to present a product or a service bulletin with PowerPoint or screen share type technology. The visual ‘this is what this boat looks like, this is how it functions’ is crucial for our business because everything we do is about people being able to educate themselves and learn about the product. "
            Jason Boertje
            Director of Marketing, Mastercraft


            Nightforce chose Brandlive to launch highly anticipated additions to its line of rifle scopes. In moving away from pre-recorded videos and conference calls, top product experts were able to visually explain new product differentiators and answer questions via Brandlive, in real time.
              "The results from each session yields immediate responses directly relating to the shared content. It is this valuable immediate customer interaction that we appreciate and measure -- and then turn into business."
              Wayne Dayberry
              Marketing Specialist
              Rockwell event example


              Rockwell Tools has long used television to market and sell its line of tools through infomercials and home shopping networks. Wishing to better connect with customers, Rockwell came to Brandlive in search of an innovative platform that would make selling more social.
                "Many customers wanted to see it for themselves. We wanted to show the customers how these blades and tools fit and then demonstrate them in a real-world application. We also wanted to provide customers with a discount. We could do all this through Brandlive. "
                Lauren Gomez
                Marketing Manager